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About us

This website is the brain child of Mrs. Lalithalakshmi Bilgi and Mr. Vadiraj Bilgi. They are the parents of Kaushal Bilgi who is with Down Syndrome living in Bangalore. The parents have experienced difficulty in getting information about availability of facilities and resources such as therapy centers, vocational units, training centers, doctors and dentists. They felt information sharing by the experienced parents is very crucial and more so, required for parents who move to a new city or located in remote places. Hence, SahayaManjari proves to be a handy data bank, and it is developed with the pure objective of building a better society for Persons with Disabilities(PwDs).
With the tagline ‘Together We Fly’, we encourage every parent and caregiver to benefit from this virtual social community. The families of PwDs many a time seek information on various facilities and resources. The unique attitude of the people involved with PwDs is that they follow a simple principle of Share and Care. We believe that rich social connections help each PwD to flourish in his/her own right with the help of this website.

What we do ?

SahayaManjari means a bundle of support systems which is a reservoir of information on available services and organizations focused on disability aids anywhere in India. The listed data in is directly provided by the users of such services and are being shared by them.
It is a site where Parent/Sibling/Uncle/Aunt/Guardian/
Caregiver in individual capacity wishes to disclose and share relevant and useful information. For more details, refer to Terms and Conditions..

Who we are ?

We, the people behind the development of this unique website are the parents of a person with disability. We believe that sharing information with the very purpose of caring for others helps us in return. Our son, Kaushal has Down Syndrome and has been our purpose of life throughout. He has kept us active and helped us live with enthusiasm. By God’s grace, we have family support within and from extended family members too. An Inclusive Society is what one dreams of, and Kaushal is fortunate to be a part of such a work routine and work culture.

Why it is important ?

At different ages and phases of our children’s lives, we have always sought and struggled to gather information about support centers in the city where we live. Right from early intervention centers, schools, therapists, vocational and skill development centers to inclusive workplaces. The search is a never-ending one. As a new parent or a newcomer to any city, it is hard to find the ideal locality, school or friends. Hence, the idea of Share and Care among the parents/Siblings/Caregivers of PwDs came up.

Where can I access SahayaManjari ?

We have understood the beauty of technology in reaching out to many. Those who want information have to sign up and search for information they require. Our intention is to provide information in the same city of residence, neighbourhood or where else available. For this to happen, our network needs to grow big and include the entire geographic length and breadth of the country!

How it works ?

Sing up and log on to and fill up the details of your self-advocate. The Users of the website benefit from the information filled up by others. Each User may post his/her query and wait for replies from others. The Users may continue their conversation relevant to the topics of Queries posted by other Users.


We Include Information Across India

(Disclamier : The Information found in our website are filled up by the parents with no intention of advertisement but with thier willingness to help the community)

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